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Colors. Wind. Light. Forms. Feeling. Movement. Silence. Adventure. Art - Life



To hold the image of this worlds facettes and life itself, to make them into art, that is the aim of photographer Marion MacKenzie. Since her extensive studies at university, the artist travels the most diverse countries and continents of our globe and shares her thrilling experiences in emotional and impressive pictures.



„Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. (Thoreau)“ To show the inner core, the spirit and soul of the pictured thing or person, that´s my aim.

[Marion MacKenzie]



The ethnologist and philosopher (Member of the National Geographic Society) draws in her artistic action from an intellectual fundus that grew from her own life, which was rich both in variety and tension. This reflexive and complementary background of cultural and human sciences sometimes fills the photographies with a political or sociocritical undertone that is meant to raise awareness and wake up the viewer.


Multiple stays in politically sensitive regions like Kashmir, the north of India, Tibet, etc. shape the topics and meaning of those pictures, while some of them were taken under extremely dangerous conditions. Grandiose imagery showing nature, scenery and portraits (coming from places all over the world like the USA, Mexico, Jordan, China or Europe) enrich the artists portfolio. Building up contrast to these ethnographical photographies, the clearly structured architectural and city scapes which are also to be found on this website show man-made environment and living spaces. All of the photos carry a lot of emotion and approach mind and soul, and contemplating them is a journey for eye, heart and brain.

Sometimes her ideas are executed on large-format canvas, sometimes wood or other objects – material and form know no boundaries.




Born as a flower child amidst the Hippie movement, Marion MacKenzie lived in Frankfurt a.M. and San Francisco. After that, she chose the wooded hills in the western part of Germany as her new home, where she is always

working on new projects to come.









Colors. Wind. Light. Forms. Emotion. Movement. Silence.

Adventure. Art - Life