Impressions of the exhibition


TIBET - faces of a hidden land


Friday, May 06 2016 (Vernissage) - May 08i 2016

during the festivities of ZAIT

Winery Wick, Zeller Hauptstra├če 2, 67308 Zellertal



"Really impressive pictures, these landscapes... you have my respect!"

"A striking experience, leading to a world full of beauty and magic. A phantastical journey, simply breathtaking!"

"Mysterious, amazing atmosphere, impressive.

You've done well..."

"Impressive imagery of an unbelievable region. It's great how you care about the fate of tibetan people and try to raise awareness and empathy for their tragedy!"

"Very beautiful photographies and great choice of a place for this exhibition!"

"Very nice exhibition. Brings back many, good memories! Have to travel soon again myself. The music is very nice too."

"Very moving imagery! Freedom for Tibet!"

"These pictures tell a story and touch deeply - thank you for growing a longing in me for the far and meeting different cultures...."

"A beautiful little time travel with impressive sounds from Tibet.

Creates a longing for this magical place!"

"A very impressive exposition and presentation"

"Foreign, impressive, amazingly created"

"Very beautiful pictures, perfectly presented in a magical atmosphere!!"