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Permanent Exposition from May 07 2017 till July 16 2017

Museum of Wine Horrweiler


TIBET - faces of a hidden land


During this exposition are not only the professionally restored and historically relevant Photographies shown but also diverse rare (privately owned) exhibits. The various media used draw an image so vivid u can grasp it: The lost magic of ancient and modern tibetan culture. Several guided tours and two complementary ethnographical presentations (concerning the travels the photos were taken on) make the images more accesible and break down the story behind each picture. The great success of last years exhibition gave good reason to present a part of the exhibits again - please read the text for 2016 if interested.




Museum of Wine Horrweiler







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2016 gave us the chance to present a very successful exposition which was shown in two places:


May 2016 in Zellertal




July 2016 in Sponheim


TIBET - faces of a hidden land



Friday, May 06 2016 (Vernissage) - May 08 2016

during the festivities of ZAIT

Winery Wick, Zeller Hauptstraße 2, 67308 Zellertal


July 30 / 31 2016 Coffee-Mill Sponheim


Please watch our


Gallery of Exhibits



Impressions of the Exposition







Please use 'contact' if you want to buy any of the canvasses / photographies printed on a different medium or the book accompanying the exposition.



Tibet – Faces of a Hidden Land

took the viewer into a world which, despite being so full of gentleness, was not spared from the horrors of chinese invasion. The photos were taken on a several monthes long journey which led from China through Tibet and Nepal all the ways to the former west of Tibet, Ladakh. These versatile images reflect the endless width of the Himalaya and tibetan highlands, accompany to the deeply religious rituals of the faithful, they make the terrors of occupation visible but also the beauty, power and happiness of the people inhabiting the highest region of our world. It's a political, but also emotional and aesthetical reign of pictures, which not only wants to shake you up but is also quite pleasant. Mystical Shangri La is shown in all its facettes; sadly a lot of the photographs are historical documents today since about 80 % of the buildings shown no longer exist today. Defying the disastrous conditions and the explosive political situation, tibetan people still inherit a kindness which remains unbroken and the former beauty of this hidden and once unreachable country lives on in these pictures. The viewer starts a journey through a great buddhistic world, which is not yet lost completely to this day.